12 Workout Mistakes & How To Avoid Them For Perfect Body Shape

By | May 17, 2020

You keep doing your workouts consistently, you do everything in your power to stick to an appropriate diet, and you even get maximum possible sleep as allowed by your schedule. So, what exactly is hindering your efforts to get that perfect body shape? Well, keep it in mind that getting that perfect shape is sort of a long journey and you can’t achieve your desired results overnight. Sustained effort is needed for long time period in order to see results.

But you can rest assured that all your hard work is eventually going to pay off. However, if it doesn’t, you really need to find out what exactly are you doing wrong.

Though the issues can be of different nature with everyone, most of the people make common workout mistakes that take them away from the right path and they never get the desired shape.

Here are some mistakes that are made commonly and that hinder you in reaching the fitness goals that you may have set for you.

1. Longer Rest Periods

Longer Rest Periods

It is important to recover in-between your workouts and sets, but you also have to ensure that you are not taking way too long to rest. Resting between the sets for too long can have opposite effect. Taking too long breaks will lower the heart rate that, in turn, stops the body from refueling the muscles. Your rest periods should be between 30-90 seconds and not more. It helps in maximizing the number of burnt calories as well as the muscle that you are going to rebuild.

2. Doing It At Wrong Pace

Of course, it is not desirable at all for anyone to spend long hours in gym, therefore, rather than doing your workouts at leisurely pace, choose an appropriate speed. Ensure that your time is maximized. Your workouts do not require you to do things slowly and steadily.

Rather than doing a workout that takes an hour, choose 30 minutes workout that requires you to do non-stop, high-intensity exercise. This will be helpful for you in building more muscle and burning more calories.

3. Grabbing Your Treadmill

For those who are avid treadmill users and runners, grabbing the machine’s sides – or even handles – can simply hurt you. Sometimes, people use physical structure of the machine as some sort of support in order to make their running sessions somewhat easier. That’s never recommendable.

It will do nothing but to hurt your workout. Instead, you should make sure that your hands are kept off the machine while you are running on it and try to run the way you would when on a track or street.

4. Not Choosing Right Number Of Reps

It is the trickiest thing to do when you are designing your workouts. Necessarily, if you are looking to get a body that is toned better, you should better be looking for the weight that can be lifted easily 6-10 times, instead of performing sets comprising 20 reps or more.

On the contrary, if the weight you have chosen doesn’t let you do even 6 reps then you are probably looking to lift way too much. It also depends on the kind of lift you are going to perform as well.

5. Not Mixing It Up

Do you know what “muscle memory” mean? If you do, then you’ll be aware of the fact that it can simply sidetrack all your efforts. If you keep doing same thing again and again, you usually get bored of it. Our body works in the same manner as well.

If you give your body a certain routine to follow where it performs same exercises over and over again, things get easier for it to perform. For instance, if you enjoy doing the elliptical and do it more frequently, it doesn’t remain challenging for you anymore and the body requires less energy to perform it when it becomes used to it.

So, to put it simply, variety remains to be the key. You must mix up the workouts you do and look to perform different variants of each workout and lift you do. If you want to get stronger and continue to build muscle, you must keep your body surprised at all times.

6. Not Using The Machines Properly

When you’re putting in all the effort for getting to your gym and doing workouts required for building muscle and getting into shape, you have to ensure that all the exercise you are doing are done in the most precise and accurate manner. Doing lifts with dumbbells and barbells is one thing but taking on the machines is another. They can really add to the complexity of your workouts.

So, make sure that you read all necessary instructions, ask your trainer, or just watch how people are using those machines. And, probably most importantly, the machines should be adjusted to your own specific dimensions. Make sure your time is not wasted in gym and you do the exercises appropriately.

7. Starting With Jogging

Starting it with a jog or run when you are looking to get in shape is one of the common workout mistakes that people are usually seen doing. Of course, it is good to run 5Ks but you should better look to start with joint-friendly options that include exercises on elliptical machine, cycling, water aerobics, etc.

8. Doing Too Much Of It Too Soon

When you start doing new workouts you are too excited that you can sometimes overdo things. For instance, you may immediately start to exercise each day or lift heavy weights without getting there gradually.

It can lead to burnouts and so many injuries. It is advised not to hit the track or gym too often during initial weeks. For novices it is enough to do cardio 3-4 times a week and strength training 2-3 sessions.

The duration and intensity should be increased slowly and you should handle one thing at one time. For instance, if you’re adding ten minutes to your cardio routine, make sure you do not raise the weight at that time in the lifting routine.

9. Not Seeking Professional Evaluation

Besides getting complete physical and medical clearance prior to getting on with some workout program, it is also important to find some experienced and certified trainer for determining what should and shouldn’t be done during your workouts.

Qualified trainers can be helpful with certain exercises, machines, duration and intensity which would work best in your case. Professional evaluation doesn’t reduce injury risks only, it also helps in ensuring that you see quick results.

10. Not Stretching

Muscle inflexibility and tightness which comes with aging is a result of elasticity and fluid loss in tendons and the ligaments that surround your joints. You’re advised to do flexibility training thrice every week at least.

Not Stretching

Stretching includes things like Pilates and yoga besides static stretching. It should also be kept in mind that stretching isn’t a warm-up activity and you should do it after thoroughly warming up or when your workout ends.

Both Pilates and yoga are also helpful in improving core strength and balance. They also help to protect your spine and hip joints, giving you a posture that is more stable and making your muscles of hip and spine stronger.

11. Only Relying On Cardio And Avoiding Weights

It is yet another one of major common workout mistakes. Cardio workouts help in keeping the heart healthy and burning calories. However, resistance training has same sort of role to play. Muscle is lost by us in every decade because we age mostly as we get more inactive.

This doesn’t just increases falling risk but also slows down your metabolism, because muscles tend to burn greater number of calories when they are at rest as compared to fats.

12. Ignoring Training Nutrition

Inside almost an hour of completing the workouts, the body gets in a position of loading your muscles with energy and fuel. If you give right fuel to the body in this time frame, protein synthesis can be stimulated along with muscle glycogen replenishment. If you fail to do so, the body starts metabolism.

The best thing to do is consuming some protein drink when looking to burn more amount of fat, or simple carbohydrate and protein drink when looking to build muscle.

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