10 Best Diets To Eat For Weight Loss & Burn Fat in Summer

By | May 19, 2020

There is no need for you to keep starving yourself on some crazy fad diet only because you wish to seem perfect in your swimsuit or shorts this summer. One major secret behind healthy weight loss is selecting healthy summer weight loss and consuming fewer calories compared to what you will be able to burn in your routine.

Also, it is quite easy for one to come up with better choices in terms of their foods during the summer season, when high-calorie, heavy dishes do not appeal you that much. Best foods that one should look forward to during summer tend to be refreshing, light and they just do not require you to spend your hot day in a hot kitchen. The last one is, in fact, the most important characteristic they posses.

According to experts, the simple and easiest way of trimming calories from the summer diet would be to rely more on the nature’s bounty. This is the season when you can find lots of delicious vegetables and fruits in your nearest grocery store and you can choose whatever you like. Besides the fact that they have low amount of calories, they are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals.

Fresh Food
You should better be enjoying fresh produce during the season. You’d definitely get thrilled to find out how delicious, fresh and satisfying everything will taste.

Apples and the oranges should be saved for the fall and you should better stock on the fresh berries, greens, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, and pea pods along with all other low-calorie super-nutritious fruits and vegetables which grow during this part of the year.

The bonus here would be that you can simply forget about the portion control as far as vegetables and fruit are concerned. Just eat whatever you like as it’s really hard to damage the waistline greatly with such edibles that are super-nutritious. In order to reduce your kitchen time and staying calm, begin with the prepared produce like washed greens and cut-up fruit.

When you are looking for something bit heartier, you should better go for pre-threaded kabobs, prepared soups and rotisserie chicken. You may have to spend a bit more to buy these pre-prepped foods, but they can simply keep you away from your hot kitchen in the blistering heat of summer.

The best summer weight loss are the ones which keep you satiated for longer period of time so that you may not end up taking excessive calories and are ultimately able to shed those stubborn pounds. Consider whole grains, vegetables, and fruits – especially the ones which taste great in the summer months as you’d be more likely to consume them for filling you up.

10 Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Now that we have had an overview of what you should eat in summer to keep yourself full and shed your extra weight, let’s take a look at the best summer weight loss that are often recommended by experts for losing weight effectively.

1. Chilled Soups

Usually chilled soups that are based on vegetables tend to have great amounts of fiber in them. Fiber is a macronutrient which has been proven to limit appetite as well as the calorie intake and this, in turn, helps in promoting gradual weight loss.

As the major content in soups is water which is free of calories, even large servings can be consumed. This way you’d avoid intake of considerable amount of calories because water will have filled your belly already.

2. Watermelon

It’s a summer staple that carries the sort of fiber which binds with the fat and carries it out of the system. Well, it is even better: there is high amount of water present in watermelon as well and it helps in keeping you hydrated that, in turn, can increase the calorie consumption overall.

3. Strawberries

Quite similar to many other fruits, strawberries are also full of fiber as well as other different nutrients. They are also low in calories and can be managed fairly easily as compared to watermelons when you are shopping at the grocery store.

4. Kale

In the midsummer season, kale is always part of salad for all the healthy people. However, it is dense in nutrients and can be a great addition to a smoothie based on Greek yogurt as it provides solid fiber dose. It’s a great combo which makes up for a refreshing and super-filling snack food which fends off those urges to put your hands on the snacks that have higher calorie count.

5. Grilled Vegetables

When looking for best summer weight loss, don’t forget to fill your barbecue plate with some grilled vegetables. They have low fat content and have fewer calories. However, the fiber content is high as compared to that cheeseburger you would have been craving for if you hadn’t filled up after eating sweet peppers, onions and eggplant.

6. Grilled Seafood

The best way to satisfy your appetite without gaining unnecessary weight would be to have lean protein as part of all your meals. According to research, you even burn certain amount of calories only by digesting protein.

The best source for you to have some summertime protein is grilled fish due to the fact that it is leaner and lighter than a steak, for instance. Richer proteins like steaks have the tendency of sticking around the stomach once and for all and when you eat it in heat you won’t feel at your best.

7. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is slightly sweet and bitter and can easily be found in the Asian markets. It helps in improving digestion as well as lowering blood sugar. When you are willing to shed those extra pounds, it is really important to take control of your blood sugar levels.

When there is excessive amount of sugar in your blood stream, the body sends signals to pancreas that insulin should be released – a hormone meant for storing fats. When you control your blood sugar, your likelihood to store calories in the form of fats is decreased.

If you are not comfortable with the bitterness it carries, better soak it in some chilled saltwater several hours before you have to eat it. Doing so will definitely take the bitterness away.

8. Jicama

This crunchy vegetable is grown throughout the year in the tropical climates and carries a pre-biotic that occurs naturally and is known to help the body in metabolizing B vitamins – a really great thing considering the fact that this nutrient is helpful in production of the amino acid which promotes fat metabolism.

You are recommended to use Jicama sticks as snack by dressing them with a little lime squeeze and the some chili powder. It is really a great option to use as summer weight loss.

9. Cabbage

It is not just a low-cal, fiber-rich and nutritious vegetable, it is also a major source that offers sulfur to the body which is used by the body for the production of keratin that is a natural strengthener for nail and hair.

In order to stay fit and enjoy healthy weight with more beautiful nails and hair at the same time, whip up a little vinegar-based coleslaw. Make sure that you avoid creamy coleslaw at all costs as it carries whopping 19 g fat in each cup.

10. Spicy Salsa

Hot chilli peppers contain capaicinoids which are the chemicals that occur naturally and, according to research, consuming this ingredient even in small amounts can naturally help you in eating less. It has also been proven that this stuff goes straight to the fat cells of the body and ultimately reduces the unnecessary abdominal fat.

The least you can gain from this food: Hot salsas usually have vegetables that are richer in nutrients and have fewer calories compared to many bean and dairy-based dips. So, they can be amongst your best summer foods for weight loss.

Healthy Review
Diet plays an important role in helping you to lose weight and getting back in shape. These summer foods for weight loss are some of the best at helping you in achieving your weight loss goals. So, do not forget to include them in your routine diet. Devise a proper diet plan and take some expert opinion as to how much of each should you be eating, and for how long, in order to lose weight effectively.

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